Get to know us

Our aim for this club

In a nutshell, UC Strength is all about a sense of community. With a strong focus on newcomers, we gather as a passionate bunch of people who are keen in in the hobby of weightlifting and strength conditioning. We welcome people from all sort of different lifting purposes such as Powerlifting, Olympic lifting, Bodybuilding, Strongman or just general Health and Welness. Perhaps you are just starting out and do not what to do, then this is a perfect group for you to join.

Our key value

This is an inclusive club, no matter your age, gender, nationality, ethnicity or skill level, we are here to welcome you. The club strive to create and foster an engaging environment where people can share their knowledge, experience and questions onto other members. And from there, we are certain you can build a strong relationsip with others in the club.

Meet the execs