Mock meets

These are very casual meets aimed for several reasons: one is to help you get used to the competing environment of powerlifting, two is for providing a controlled and formal environment for lifters to max out safely.


Social BBQs

These barbies are going to be organized in conjunction with  activities: Tug Of War, Beach Day &  Posing party

Other events/activities

Gym buddies

Our exec team will put up our gym schedule up on this website (see Group sessions), and you can just casually walk up to us in the gym and ask us anything. Make sure to check out who is in out exec group in About page to see who you could be keen to have a chat in the gym with!

Beginner's seminar (potential)

This is potentially something we can organize if there is popular demand. We would invite various speakers and trainers to give seminars on different subjects. Let us know if this is something you are keen on!

Olympic lifting competition (potential)

If there is a good number of Olympic lifters among the members, we would organize a casual Olympic lifting session for you to test your strength. Let us know if you are an Olympic lifter and keen to have this happen!